Sunday, 23 September 2018 / Published in Export Strategy

The Second Export Strategy Meeting, was held Thursday, September 27, in Washington DC.  The meeting was attended by 8 US Government personnel, and 16 Industry personnel.  The Agenda included:

  • Welcome – Goals, Roles and Rules Strategy Development Process
  • Roundtable Introductions
  • Review of IAEA – General Conference & ITA
  • Trade Mission – Sharing by Participants
  • Strategy Priorities Review (Consolidating Session 1 Topics)
  • Lunch & Break
  • U.S. Trade Policy – The New World Order– Implications for Nuclear Power
  • Case Study – U.S. in the U.A.E. Paul Murphy and Jay Brister; Implications for Future Team Development Challenge & Structure
  • United Nuclear Industry Alliance (UNI)
  • Discussion & Prioritization of Opportunities and Roadblocks
  • Actions Needed, Plan for Future Sessions and Assigned Roles
  • Summary & Wrap-Up, Where We Go From Here

The meeting minutes are being developed and will be disseminated to all attendees and to UNI Members.  For more information, please contact Mr. Greg Gibson at

Friday, 20 July 2018 / Published in Supply Chain

Mr. Vince Gilbert, Director, Supply Chain, United Nuclear Industry Alliance, is soliciting member involvement for the Supply Chain Working Group.  Any Member interested on serving on the SCWG should contact Vince at


The SCWG will be utilized as a forum for exchanging ideas and information, and for developing key projects (with milestones and deliverables).